ACG Portland – Molding a National Concept to Serve a Local Market

ACG Portland Working Together

Read about an upcoming ACG Portland Peer Growth Event at which distinguished chapter leaders will discuss the pioneering founding principles of the chapter crafted to specifically serve the Portland corporate middle market.

The Hardest Part of Great Service

Great Service in Factoring

Competition is more fierce and more global than ever before. Whether we are talking about working capital for growing companies, medical services for women, or guiding river rafting trips. There are more and more companies out there competing for every customer. So how does a small business win? What is the thing that will really set you apart… why will customers choose you?

Andy Osborn Joins Federal National

Andrew Osborn

Experienced Sales & Marketing professional, Andy Osborn, joins Federal National Commercial Credit as Executive Vice President and National Sales Manager.

The Rate, the Rate… My Kingdom for the Rate!

Finance Interest Rates 

Focusing on finding the absolute lowest rate is no longer reasonable. There is not that much to gain and in many cases it may be against your best interests. Joe Sillay explains why.

The Personal Guaranty – What It Is and What It’s Not

Personal Guaranty 

In my experience, the personal guaranty is one of the greatest concerns borrowers have when seeking new financing. This post addresses some of the concerns and misconceptions I hear most often.

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