Trade Credit Insurance often Helps Obtain Financing

trade credit insurance

Trade Credit Insurance may help business owners obtain more credit, less expensive credit, and guard against the risks they undertake granting trade terms to customers.

The Court Does Not Always Favor the VOSB

Veteran Owned Small Business 

A more recent legal case concluded poorly for a Veteran Owned Small Business and casts a shadow on events highlighted in the third installment of our guest blog series on the VA’s Veterans First Contracting Program offered by James Bradshaw, Special Counsel at Ball Janik LLP. Read on for an interesting “post-script” to Bradshaw’s article.

How Expensive is Invoice Factoring?

 how expensive is invoice factoring

Read in this case how another Federal National client prospect uses comprehensive knowledge of his business, hard lessons and clear, objective thinking to debunk for himself the conventional wisdom that invoice factoring is expensive.

An Entrepreneur Makes His Own Case for Invoice Factoring

A case for invoice factoring

When I met with a small business owner he made his own case for invoice factoring, as we discussed all financing options available to his business.


Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday. Though there is a lot of bustle around a meal, it is such a simple and universally valuable thing to pause and give thanks. I always feel it brings me closer to the people in my life.

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