Commercial Credit Solutions Fueling Small Business Growth

For more than two decades, Federal National has served government contractors with small business financing solutions. Many business owners do not realize that Federal National also provides excellent receivables financing and asset based lending to clients operating solely in the commercial marketplace. 

We bring to bear for our commercial clients the same strong relationships in the financial markets, management experience, state-of-the-art processing and all of the disciplines and efficiencies that allow Federal National to provide swift, reliable working capital financing to our federal contracting clients. 

We maintain the highest standards of service, while overcoming obstacles that may have prevented our clients from obtaining reliable commercial credit in the past. We help our clients manage cash flow and enable them to focus on growing their business. The result is accounts receivable financing and asset based lending that infuse their business with the cash required to perform and grow with professional, reliable delivery and exceptional value in the specialty finance industry.

Who Federal National Serves Best: 

  • Businesses that are growing rapidly, just starting up, capital constrained, short on the fixed assets banks prefer or suffering temporary financial adversity
  • Facilities as small as $50,000 and as large as $6,000,000
  • Clients’ customers are businesses or government entities that are strong credits
  • We serve many industries, including:
    • Business to Business or Business to Government
    • Staffing or staffing related businesses
    • Hi-Tech or IT services
    • Medical services
    • Value-added resellers
    • Simple services
    • Manufacturing


Federal National Financing Solutions

Asset Based Lending
Lending on accounts receivable and modest amounts of inventory and/or equipment
Invoice Factoring
Working capital lines based upon accounts receivable  
Payroll Funding
Staffing factoring lines based upon accounts receivable to provide working capital
Earned Unbilled Financing
Mid-cycle funding to help with payroll and vendor obligations 
Vendor Payment Assistance
Negotiated agreements to obtain relaxed payment terms from key vendors 
Financing Letters of Intent
Letters to prospects confirming Federal National financial support