“Federal National’s strong capital position directly benefits our clients with quick and reliable funding.”
Amy T. Smithberger
CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Amy Smithberger

Amy T. Smithberger
CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Amy Smithberger, Chief Financial Officer at Federal National, is a Certified Public Accountant with ten years of accounting experience. She previously held several financial positions at various companies. She obtained her CPA while working in Vienna, Virginia, with McGladrey & Pullen, LLP and came to Federal National in 2011 from C-Quest Capital, LLC, where she served as Controller. Smithberger holds a BS in accounting from George Mason University.

Management Team

Kwesi Rogers
President & Chief Executive Officer
Joe Sillay
Executive Vice President
Amy Smithberger
Chief Financial Officer
Bill Seibold
Chief Credit Officer

Sales and Client Service

John Marsha
Senior Business Development Officer
Richard Sinclair
Executive Originator
Philip Moylan
Senior Account Executive
Mike McLenahan
Operations Manager