“I am inspired by the successes of our clients, who have become important, influential figures in our community. Many of them have also become good friends.”
Kwesi Rogers
President & CEO
Kwesi O. Rogers

Kwesi Rogers
President & Chief Executive Officer

Kwesi Rogers, President & CEO, has been with Federal National since its inception in 1992. He became its President in 2005 and earned the CEO title in 2010. Over the years, Rogers has become a very well known and respected figure among small and large businesses in the government contracting industry.  Committed to giving back to the business community, Rogers serves as Chairman of the Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum (SECAF). He is on the board of directors of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) and the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce (FCCC). He is also active in numerous professional organizations, including the International Factoring Association (IFA) and the Commercial Finance Association. Rogers holds a BA from the University of the District of Columbia and an MBA from George Mason University. 
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Management Team

Kwesi Rogers
President & Chief Executive Officer
Joe Sillay
Executive Vice President
Amy Smithberger
Chief Financial Officer
Bill Seibold
Chief Credit Officer

Sales and Client Service

John Marsha
Senior Business Development Officer
Richard Sinclair
Executive Originator
Philip Moylan
Senior Account Executive
Mike McLenahan
Operations Manager