We apply our expertise, invoice factoring and asset based lending services  to help small business borrowers grow larger, stronger and better.”
Richard Sinclair
Executive Originator
Richard Sinclair

Richard Sinclair
Executive Originator

Richard Sinclair is an Executive Originator, representing Federal National primarily in the Baltimore, MD region and extending into Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.
As a 35-year industry veteran Sinclair delivers to his customers and referral sources tremendous small business asset based lending experience. He is passionate about helping his clients grow and succeed. Sinclair enjoys a strong reputation in the banking industry and the Mid-Atlantic region. He is a board member of the Jim Rouse Entrepreneurial Fund (JREF), a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial spirit in Howard County, Maryland. Sinclair holds a BA in History from North Carolina Wesleyan College.
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Richard Sinclair
Executive Originator
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