Government Contract Factoring, ABL, and Commercial Invoice Factoring with Trusted and Reliable Service

We serve a variety of clients with government contract factoring, asset based lending and commercial invoice factoring. We value our lasting relationships with our clients, admire their entrepreneurial spirit and invite you to visit some of them presented below to hear their story.

M-Cubed Information Systems Inc 

M-Cubed Information Systems Inc. is a global management and technology consulting company with service offerings designed to help clients generate revenue, increase cost-effectiveness, manage regulatory compliance, integrate information and transition to “next-generation” technology.

RWD Consulting, LLC 

RWD Consulting, LLC, a small disadvantaged business, provides public and private sector clients with a wide range of customized operations and creative services that include management consulting, facilities management, administrative, logistics, and information technology support services designed to maximize office productivity and increase quality control.

R4 Incorporated  R4 Incorporated is a service disabled veteran-owned business, helping Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) organizations respond to change; overcome real-world challenges and improve survivability by providing unprecedented training and fielding support globally.

Who Federal National Serves Best: 

  • Businesses that are growing rapidly, just starting up, capital constrained, short on the fixed assets banks prefer or suffering temporary financial adversity
  • Facilities as small as $50,000 and as large as $6,000,000
  • Clients’ customers are businesses or government entities that are strong credits
  • We serve many industries, including:
    • Business to Business or Business to Government
    • Staffing or staffing related businesses
    • Hi-Tech or IT services
    • Medical services
    • Value-added resellers
    • Simple services
    • Manufacturing

Staffing Factoring for Payroll Funding

Tim Mulvaney met with Kwesi Rogers and revealed how Federal National's Staffing Factoring Line helped UHC Solutions grow. Watch the video

Robert Dozier, RWD Consulting
Robert Dozier visits with Joe Sillay and shares how RWD Consulting has grown with Federal National. watch the video

Federal National Financing Solutions

Asset Based Lending
Lending on accounts receivable and modest amounts of inventory and/or equipment
Invoice Factoring
Working capital lines based upon accounts receivable  
Payroll Funding
Staffing factoring lines based upon accounts receivable to provide working capital
Earned Unbilled Financing
Mid-cycle funding to help with payroll and vendor obligations 
Vendor Payment Assistance
Negotiated agreements to obtain relaxed payment terms from key vendors 
Financing Letters of Intent
Letters to prospects confirming Federal National financial support
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