Asset Based Lending and Factoring Broker Program

Federal National provides competitively priced accounts receivable financing and asset based lending to businesses that contract with credit worthy clients; advancing 80% to 90% against approved invoices. Our Working Capital Funding Program is designed for companies who are too young to have or are growing too fast to maintain adequate traditional bank financing. 

As an asset based lending and factoring broker, you will be attracted to our Working Capital Funding Program for many reasons including: 


We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Our competitive terms will allow you to close more and larger deals while you receive commissions from additional contracts as your client grows. 


Federal National’s substantial invoice purchasing resources and our unique structured finance capabilities virtually assure that we will never be short of capital to meet a client's funding requests, assuring you a steady flow of commissions. 


Federal National reconciles all payments from the obligor daily and remits client balances the next business day via wire. This ensures swift, reliable payments, which translate into swift reliable commissions for you.

Factoring Broker

Federal National is Responsive

We typically evaluate a new client application, assign the contract(s) and advance against approved invoice(s) and other assets under the contract(s) within two to three weeks. Subsequent advances are normally executed the business day following client request. All advances and payments are made by wire transfer ensuring a satisfied client and more commissions for you. 

These are just a few of the service features that we find most interest our broker network. 

We hope you will consider Federal National for your client’s cash flow needs.