Working Capital Financing Solutions

Working Capital Financing Solutions for Government Contractors and Other Small Businesses

Federal National provides accounts receivable factoring and asset based lending delivering essential working capital to small businesses. We often provide more cash more quickly than conventional banks. Businesses have to pay vendors, purchase equipment, pay rent, make payrolls and meet other operating costs before they receive payment from their customers. When small businesses are just getting started or are growing rapidly, or have perhaps hit a bump in the road, they may be unable to obtain adequate financing from banks. We offer a variety of working capital financing solutions that ensure that government contractors and other small businesses have the cash to meet these obligations. 

Though conventional bank lines of credit are nearly always less expensive, Federal National’s working capital financing lines are efficient and cost-effective, leveraging our strong balance sheet and institutional borrowing capability. Our pricing is fair, plainly disclosed and competitive.

Accounts receivable factoring

Federal National Financing Solutions

Asset Based Lending
Lending on accounts receivable and modest amounts of inventory and/or equipment
Invoice Factoring
Working capital lines based upon accounts receivable  
Payroll Funding
Staffing factoring lines based upon accounts receivable to provide working capital
Earned Unbilled Financing
Mid-cycle funding to help with payroll and vendor obligations 
Vendor Payment Assistance
Negotiated agreements to obtain relaxed payment terms from key vendors 
Financing Letters of Intent
Letters to prospects confirming Federal National financial support


Government Contract Financing Experts

For two decades, Federal National has specialized in working capital financing for government contractors.

Reliable Small Business Financing

Federal National provides the same excellent value in working capital financing to commercial small businesses operating in a wide variety of industries and sectors.