Small Business Invoice Factoring Company for Funding and Growth

Invoice Factoring is based on accounts receivable and the credit strength of our clients’ customers (account debtors). Federal National is a factoring company that purchases invoices, which evidence work completed or goods delivered. Our small business factoring solution improves our clients’ cash flow and enables them to keep pace with operating expenses. It is the right solution for businesses that are rapidly growing, newly in business, capital constrained, short on the fixed assets that banks prefer, or suffering a temporary financial adversity and therefore not conventionally credit worthy. 

Our pricing is fair, plainly disclosed and competitive. We believe in full disclosure and clearly state proposed charges to avoid any surprises. Federal National’s is efficient and cost-effective, leveraging our strong balance sheet and institutional borrowing capability. 

Federal National is trusted and respected for our strong expertise in invoice factoring to clients who work with the government as well as financing based on commercial accounts receivable. Funding Lines from $50,000 to $6,000,000 are available, and they grow as the client’s accounts receivables grow.

Benefits of Invoice Factoring

1. Improved cash flow
2. Next or same day funding 
3. Allows the business owner to pursue credit worthy new business  
4. Increased profits that result from additional revenues made possible by increased cash flow  
5. Eligibility increases as revenues increase  
6. Rapid turn-around; no red tape or bureaucracy  
7. Additional trade credit  
8. Take advantage of early payment discounts from key vendors  
9. Outsource the accounts receivable management function
10. Consistent, professional management of your accounts receivable by Federal National will result in quicker payment from your customers.

Benefits of Factoring 

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Factoring Costs

Joe Sillay shares the 10 most misunderstood cost drivers in small business factoring and asset based lending pricing.
Watch the video.
Watch additional videos from our series about invoice factoring costs or download the outlines.

Invoice Factoring

Comparison Shopping for Small Business Factoring
Visit over a cup of coffee with Joe Sillay, Executive Vice President of Federal National Commercial Credit, for a discussion of price shopping for small business factoring services.  Watch the Video.

Factoring Company Application

Federal National Financing Solutions

Asset Based Lending
Lending on accounts receivable and modest amounts of inventory and/or equipment
Invoice Factoring
Working capital lines based upon accounts receivable  
Payroll Funding
Staffing factoring lines based upon accounts receivable to provide working capital
Earned Unbilled Financing
Mid-cycle funding to help with payroll and vendor obligations 
Vendor Payment Assistance
Negotiated agreements to obtain relaxed payment terms from key vendors 
Financing Letters of Intent
Letters to prospects confirming Federal National financial support