Other Small Business Funding Solutions

Small businesses often face obstacles that are not always addressed by conventional financing products that many factoring companies offer. In addition to factoring and asset based lending, Federal National offers small business funding solutions that enable our clients to leap these hurdles and focus on growing their business.

Earned/Unbilled Financing

Earned / Unbilled Financing helps qualifying clients cover challenging weekly or bi-weekly payroll funding or supplier payments even though their contract only allows monthly billing. Federal National can advance funds based upon the work already performed but not yet billed. 

Vendor Payment Assistance

Federal National offers comprehensive escrow and payment direction services. Acting as an independent agent, we craft customized agreements to control the flow of payments under contracts or orders. Clients find these agreements valuable when negotiating favorable terms with suppliers, subcontractors, or other creditors or when teaming with a larger partner for a significant award of business.

Financing Letters of Intent

These letters indicate Federal National’s preparedness to provide financing and are available to our new and existing clients to help them demonstrate financial capability to a potential customer, subcontractor, or investor.

Accounts Receivable Management

Federal National provides a followup service with every small business funding line to confirm that our clients'  invoices are received and processed by their customers without delay. Our clients get their money faster and spend less in financing charges. This is not a collection service. Our clients’ customers are never strong-armed and often appreciate the professional diligence Federal National lends to the billing and paying process.

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Payroll Funding

Joe Sillay explains Federal National’s Earned Unbilled Financing product, which is a payroll funding solution that not all factoring companies offer.
Watch the video.

Government Contract Financing Experts

For two decades, Federal National has specialized in working capital financing for government contractors.

Reliable Financing for Small Businesses

Federal National provides the same excellent value in accounts receivable financing to commercial small businesses.


Federal National Financing Solutions

Asset Based Lending
Lending on accounts receivable and modest amounts of inventory and/or equipment
Invoice Factoring
Working capital lines based upon accounts receivable  
Payroll Funding
Staffing factoring lines based upon accounts receivable to provide working capital
Earned Unbilled Financing
Mid-cycle funding to help with payroll and vendor obligations 
Vendor Payment Assistance
Negotiated agreements to obtain relaxed payment terms from key vendors 
Financing Letters of Intent
Letters to prospects confirming Federal National financial support