White Oak Business Capital is an experienced commercial finance company that specializes in providing creative financing solutions for small to mid-sized companies. 

Established in 1992, the company is lead by a strong team of professionals with diverse areas of expertise.  White Oak Business Capital is an industry leader in providing financing solutions for companies that are doing work for the federal government.  Expertise in meeting the rigorous requirements demanded by the federal government has translated into White Oak Business Capital being recognized as a leader in the financing of Federal Government Contractors. 

The diversification into certain commercial industries combined with a flexible product offering, competitive pricing, a strong capital position and a recognized team of professionals has positioned White Oak Business Capital to be a top performer in our industry.  Commercial companies, as well as those in the federal arena, have all found us to be a professional, reliable financing partner.

The company has headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, and regional office locations throughout the United States.


Nationwide Funding Capability. Headquarters in Bethesda, MD and Regional Offices across the country

Industries Served

Staffing, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Service, Transportation, Distribution, Printing, Professional Services


Industry Leading Expertise in Financing Federal, State, and Municiple Government Contractors

Financing Needs

Rapid Sales Growth, Business Acquisition, Refinance of Current Debt, Sales Seasonality, Business Turnaround, Startup or Early Stage, Inconsistent Cashflow, Tax Oblogations

Facility Size

$100,000 to $7,000,000