Tap into the value of your inventory with Inventory Sub-Limit financing from White Oak Business Capital. By including it with your financing package, it can easily help to increase your borrowing capabilities. 

What is it?

Including an Inventory Sub-Limit with an Asset Based Line of Credit allows for increased borrowing capacity for certain companies. The value of certain inventory assets along with the appropriate advance rate provides you with improved access to working capital, that allows for material purchases and inventory conversion leading to a finished product.

Inventory financing is a good method to leverage your company’s inventory assets and increase your borrowing capabilities.

Who can benefit?

Those companies that are required to purchase, maintain, convert and store inventory can include certain inventory assets in the Borrowing Base Certificate for increased borrowing capacity. Companies generally possess the ability to provide accurate and timely inventory reporting.

How does it work?

Once established, inventory availability will be included along with the accounts receivable on the Borrowing Base Certificate. Funding requests can be made weekly or as frequently as needed.

Improve your cash flow today!

Reach us at (800) 523-0881 or info@whiteoakbc.com and find out Inventory Sub-Limits financing can work for your business. 

Facility Size

$200,000 - $2,000,000

Advance Rates

Up tp 50% of Eligible Inventory

Rate & Fees

Interest Rate

Collateral Monitoring Fee

Industries Include