For more than 25-years, White Oak Business Capital has specialized in providing working capital financing to small business that were working under contracts with the federal government.

Trusted by many small businesses in the government contracting community, along with prominent accounting and law firms, banks and other referral sources, White Oak Business Capital has become recognized as the resource for government contractor financing.

The federal government contracting environment is as different for a lender as it is for the contractors themselves. White Oak Business Capital is experienced and knowledgeable in government regulations, compliance regulations and the rigors of government contracting. We understand the culture, payment practices, unique terms, and language, as well as the additional processing required for government contracting.  This expertise combined with a strong balance sheet and institutional borrowing capacity allows White Oak Business Capital to offer a unique, reliable and efficient financing partnership with our clients.

Financing Needs

Rapid Sales Growth, Awarded New Contract, Business Acquisition, Refinance of Current Debt, Sales Seasonality, Business Turnaround, Startup or Early Stage, Inconsistent Cashflow, Tax Obligations and more. 

Industries Include

IT, Staffing, Wholesale, Distribution, Manufacture and others. 

Facility Size

$100,000 to $7,000,000

Your Payroll Funding Solution

Earned but Unbilled financing is your bridge to covering your payroll and other expenses when there are gaps in your cash flow due to restrictions to invoicing frequency.