Securing financing for your business from traditional sources can be challenging when you are working on government contracts so many government contractors choose an Asset Based Line of Credit. 

In addition to deciding that an Asset Based Line of Credit is right for your company, you need to ensure you are working with the right partner. Companies with government contracts need to find a partner, such as White Oak Business Capital, who understands the government’s enormous burden of special regulations, policies, rights, and practices. 

With more than twenty-five years’ experience of working with government contractors across various industries, White Oak Business Capital can help you navigate the unique challenges you encounter with government contracts. 

What is it?

An Asset Based Line of Credit provides companies, including those with government contracts, with the working capital they need to purchase materials, make payroll and cover other operating expenses. It allows a company to borrow against the accounts receivable generated from a government contract as well as certain inventory and equipment assets. The amount of financing is determined based on the value of the assets, and appropriate advance rates are applied. 

Who can benefit?

Asset Based Lines of Credit from White Oak Business Capital help businesses with government contracts that are faced with gaps in their cash cycles. By leveraging your company’s assets, these gaps can be bridged.  Government contractors that have a proven business model with the ability to effectively manage, possess adequate financial controls and reporting are great candidates for this type of financing.

How does it work?

Once established, invoice schedules may be submitted for funding daily, weekly or as frequently as a government contract allows.  Same day or next day funding of requests are available.   

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Facility Size

$500,000 - $7,000,000

Advance Rates

90% Accounts Receivable

50% Inventory

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