Having access to the working capital from Earned but Unbilled Accounts Receivables can be critical to the success for some government contractors in part because often government contracts restrict invoicing frequency. 

If Earned but Unbilled Accounts Receivable Financing can help you, it is important to ensure you are working with the right partner. Companies with government contracts need to find a partner, such as White Oak Business Capital, who understands the government’s enormous burden of special regulations, policies, rights, and practices. 

With more than twenty-five years’ experience of working with government contractors across various industries, White Oak Business Capital can help you navigate the unique challenges you encounter with government contracts. 

What is it?

Earned but Unbilled Accounts Receivable is a unique financing solution that provides working capital to cover expenses such as payroll that is related to services provided but not yet billed or invoiced due to the terms of a contract. It can be especially beneficial to companies at the beginning of a contract or at any time throughout the contract when billing timeframes are limited and do not align with when you have to pay your expenses. 

The Earned but Unbilled Accounts Receivable is a flexible financing option from White Oak Business Capital for certain Asset Based Lines of Credit and Factoring Lines.

Who can benefit?

Those companies that are providing documentable services under a government contract that limits the frequency by which they can bill or invoice their customer.  This is frequently found in IT Consulting, Staffing, and service related (time and material contracts) federal government contracts.

How does it work?

After a review of the contract and demonstration that the work or services have been performed, White Oak Business Capital may advance funds even though the billing (invoicing) has not occurred.  An Internal “Memo Invoice” will be created and a net advance will be made after the invoicing occurs per the contract.

Get more information today on how Earned but Unbilled Accounts Receivable can help you get the working capital you need from your government contracts when you need it!

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Facility Size

$200,000 - $2,000,000

Advance Rates

Up to 90%

Rate & Fees

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