White Oak Business Capital specializes in helping government contractors get access to the working capital they need in order to cover critical operating expenses through our various financial products. 

What is it?

Working Capital Financing usually in the form of a Factoring Line or an Asset Based Line of Credit for companies that are doing work directly or indirectly for the federal government.

The federal government contracting environment is different for lenders as wells as for contractors. For more than two decades White Oak Business Capital has been recognized as an industry leader in providing Government Contractor Financing with experience and knowledge in the government regulations, compliance requirements and the rigors of Government Contracting. White Oak Business Capital can be a tremendous resource with an understanding of the culture, language as well as the additional process that goes along with Government Contracting.                      

Who can benefit?

Those companies that provide products or services directly or indirectly to the federal government.  Work that is being managed by a federal contract requires financing by someone that knows and understands the terms of those contracts. 

How does it work?

Once established an invoice, contract copy or corresponding backup allows for prompt and easy funding of accounts receivable.  Funding requests (Borrowing Base Certificates) may be submitted weekly or as frequently as needed.  Same day funding requests are available.

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Facility Size

$100,000 - $7,000,000

Advance Rates

Up to 90% of Accounts Receivable

Rate & Fees

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