I try hard not to write about Federal National in my posts but when something so positive and important comes along, I think it is worth breaking the rule. 

Federal National has undertaken significant changes in the past few years to insure our service to clients continues to be highly reliable, professionally delivered, of great value and relevant to more and more business owners. Key to becoming well-known by more business owners is expanding our geographic footprint to reach more businesses that are in need of great working capital financing and building a team of professionals that share our values to support that footprint.

Federal National’s team and I are very pleased to welcome Andy Osborn as Executive Vice President and National Sales Manager. In a factoring and asset based lending career spanning 17 years, Andy has repeatedly shown he understands how to build and lead highly professional and successful business development teams. He is known throughout the industry for his ability and, just as important, his integrity. Andy doesn’t see himself as a “front man”. So you may not see him or hear from him much. He won’t be writing blogs or out calling a lot. But we think you will see a positive difference in our reach and capacity to support businesses across the country.

Thanks for reading.