Every day at Federal National Commercial Credit we help small businesses grow. I recently had the good fortune of seeing this first hand when I attended a ceremony during which our client, who is the owner of a government contracting firm, was named the U.S. Small Business Association’s Small Business Person of the Year.

When an entrepreneur receives a prestigious award such as this, the outside world sees an overnight success.  What is lost is the long and tenuous journey that creates the “overnight success.”  Our financing relationship with this client provided us with a front row seat to their journey to success.

Upon founding the government contracting firm, the owner faced what seemed to be an endless number of setbacks.  However, the setback, which brought him to his knees, was personal and not business related.  An entrepreneur’s dream of a successful business pales in comparison to the love they have for their family. 

For a period of time, his focus was directed to helping his family.  During this time, the company’s outsourced finance and accounting resource failed to pay the company’s bills timely leaving the company with a mountain of debt. 

As things improved for his family, our client was able to focus on the company’s business development efforts again.  His efforts yielded new contracts, and the company began its sharp growth trajectory.  Unfortunately, his time away from his business hurt the company’s financial performance.  As such, the company no longer fit their bank’s risk profile, which caused the bank to terminate the company’s credit facility.

Our client was determined not to allow his dream of growing his small business die due to a lack of financing.  With that, he turned to Federal National Commercial Credit for their ongoing working capital needs.  Like many new relationships, we experienced up and downs together, but our patient and steadfast approach to providing financing was integral to him realizing his dream of growing his business and being named the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Small Business Person of the Year.

“Federal National’s ability to quickly step in and provide my business with the financing it required provided me the opportunity to continue to pursue my dream of growing my entrepreneurial family business,” commented our client, the owner of a government contracting firm.

This case study is just one example of how what we do every day at Federal National Commercial Credit contributes to the success of our clients. Please give us a call at (301) 961-6450, and we will help you write your success story.